Top 10 Love and Relationship Tarot Cards
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Top 10 Love and Relationship Tarot Cards

Tarot cards can be used in various ways while you are reading for yourself or for anyone else. Here is my list of the cards that can be considered important when reading for getting clarity on your love life and relationship status.

  1. The Lovers: Deep connection, pure souls.
  2. 2 of cups: commitment and forgiveness.
  3. 10 of cups: happy loving family.
  4. 4 of wands: celebration, strong home values.
  5. 10 of pentacles: mature and blessed relationship.
  6. Ace of cups: New relationships, joy and happiness.
  7. Knight of cups: New love blossoming.
  8. Empress: Fulfilling and abundant relationship.
  9. Hierophant: Committed and traditional relationship.
  10. King of cups: Presence of a strong partner.


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  1. Dhanalakshmi Venkat

    Good list of points, gives more clarity, thanks for the list.

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