Basics of Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies come under the field of Holistic Sciences or Alternative Medicines. In recent times Bach Flower Therapy is being practiced by many people around the globe.

Bach Flower Remedies are based on the life force of 38 flowers which affect our mental state of being. Through this online course you will learn the properties of 38 remedies; which makes it a very easy therapy to practice.

As rightly said by Dr Edward Bach, Physical ailment as such has no meaning; it is an expression of the mental disturbance. As soon as mental state improves, the physical troubles disappear.

Therefore, these remedies can be selected on the basis of mental symptoms of the patient. Mental symptoms are considered for treatment, yet these remedies provide relief from physical symptoms.It is very easy to administer the dose – you can give it in a cup of water or in the form of globules, like used in Homeopathy. This course can be learnt by anyone, due to its simplicity.

Students will:

    • Learn the indications for all 38 Bach remedies, via examples, case studies and written exercises.
    • Study how and when to use the essences in daily life for self, friends, family and clients.
    • Gain insight into the history and philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach.

The course is comprised of five lessons.

    1. First steps – understanding and using Dr Bach’s emergency combination, and introduction to the remedies
    2. Self-help – making the remedies a part of everyday life
    3. Theory – how the remedies work, Dr. Bach’s philosophy of health
    4. History – Dr. Bach’s life, discovery of the remedies
    5. Helping Others – helping friends select remedies, helping children, helping animals and plants