Tarot Card Meanings

Major Arcana- List of Tarot Card Meanings

The Fool

New beginnings, optimism, trust in life

The Magician

Action, the power to manifest

The High Priestess

Inaction, going within, the mystical

The Empress

Abundance, nurturing, fertility, life in bloom!

The Emperor

Structure, stability, rules and power

The Hierophant

Institutions, tradition, society and its rules

The Lovers

Sexuality, passion, choice, uniting

The Chariot

Movement, progress, integration


Courage, subtle power, integration of animal self

The Hermit

Meditation, solitude, consciousness

Wheel of Fortune

Cycles, change, ups and downs


Fairness, equality, balance

The Hanged Man

Surrender, new perspective, enlightenment


The end of something, change, the impermeability of all things


Balance, moderation, being sensible

The Devil

Destructive patterns, addiction, giving away your power

The Tower

Collapse of stable structures, release, sudden insight

The Star

Hope, calm, a good omen!

The Moon

Mystery, the subconscious, dreams

The Sun

Success, happiness, all will be well


Rebirth, a new phase, inner calling

The World

Completion, wholeness, attainment, celebration of life

Minor Arcana- List of Tarot Card Meanings

Suit of Swords

King – Serious, controlling, rational and mind/intellect-focused

Queen – Intelligent, writer, communicative yet cold – cuts through B.S.

Knight – Fierce, determined, aggressively pursues goals

Page – mentally unstable or intellectually immature, acts without thinking

Ace of Swords – A fresh start, a sudden opportunity or idea, clarity

2 – Indecision

3– heartbreak, betrayal

4 – meditation, rest, retreat

5 – mind games, hostility

6 – leaving, accepting help, going somewhere better

7 – secret plans, abandoning ship

8 – feeling powerless and stuck

9 – Overactive mind, anxiety

10 – feeling defeated, self sabotage

Suit of Cups

King – Need to acknowledge deep feelings, avoid drowning out emotions

Queen – Emotionally nurturing, intuitive, sensitive

Knight – Romantic, adventurous, following one’s heart

Page – Creative, inspired, learning artistic skill

Ace of Cups – emotional fulfillment, joy

2 – partnership, mutual attraction, compatibility

3 – celebration, fun with friends, laughter

4 – boredom, dissatisfaction with what is being offered

5 – dwelling on the negative, self pity

6 – sentimentality, kindness, help

7 – so many choices! Indecision, getting lost in fantasy

8 – abandoning something in search of something better

9 – indulgence, self-satisfaction

10 – emotional bliss, happiness, attainment

Suit of Wands

King – Career focused, mature, passionate

Queen – Confidant, focused, has zest for life

Knight – An adventurous risk taker who follows his passions

Page – newly inspired, excited about life and work

Ace of Wands – New beginnings, creative spark, fertile ideas

2 – Contemplation, assessing ones life direction

3 – Reaping the rewards of your efforts

4 – Celebration, safety, the home

5 – Competition, minor struggles or disagreements

6 – Success, accolades and achievement

7 – Feeling defensive and on guard

8 – Speed, things manifesting quickly

9 – Pessimism, gearing up for the worst

10 – Feeling oppressed, exhaustion, too many responsibilities

Suit of Pentacles

King – Enjoys the good life (food, drink and leisure), financially secure

Queen – Healthy in body and finances, grounded and calm

Knight – Cautious, sensible and slow to progress

Page – Student, commitment to learning

Ace of Pentacles – Financial reward, clarity of life purpose, goals

2 – Balance, multitasking

3 – Meaningful work, enjoying one’s work, suitable career

4 – Hoarding, feeling poor, holding oneself back out of fear

5 – Minor money troubles, health problems, feeling like an outsider

6 – Charity, accepting and giving help

7 – Patience, waiting for your plans to bear fruit

8 – Hard work, focused efforts, laying the groundwork

9 – Luxury, rest, financial and material comforts

10 – Financial success, strong business relationships