J Mehta
 Chances of meeting Nupur, an accomplished tarot reader n holistic healer was bleak as I had a few people already guiding me over the years. My son's insistence to meet her for chakra alignment was a push in the right direction. What struck me on meeting this attractive person in a red saree was how pleasant n genuine she came across. In the ensuing months, she was helpful in many aspects of my life n whenever I had queries, I could count on her to put things in perspective  n guide me. She is professional but extremely warm, intelligent n funny. she gives u time which in today's world, few want to share. I would highly recommend nupur to people who want to look beyond their destined path to wanting insights regarding  self improvement  too. Thank You, Nupur 
Nikita Shah
 I know nupur since three years but feels like I always knew her she is a tarot reader numerologist thetha reader n so many more things she is one amazing human being always ready to listen n be there for you n guide you .I can follow her advise n readings without a doubt. I owe her for getting me onto the path of spirituality and today I m a far better human being thanks to nupur. 
Amrrita Dey
 “Nupur opened the door like sunshine. She connects to your soul calmly and wisely, although you may not know her personally. Like good attracts good, we’re friends now. Come danger, joy or challenges - she warns you and prepares you ahead of time with love, care and deep concern. May we have more humane minds like hers for all of us to bloom and become who we should be.” 
Preeti Gopalan
 I have known Nupur since college, we have seen each others ups and downs and through the thick and thin we grew in our friendship and now she is guiding me as an angel and mentor she has given us clear vision... 2-3 sessions with her and remedies has helped us in clearing various abstacles of life .Thanks Nupur for guiding us whenever we needed u. All the best!!!!! 
 Most often or not it becomes so difficult to perceive energy within and surrounding us. Our mind is occupied with so many things which deters us from acknowledging most obvious things.  In such situation you need lead form a celestial force. With Nupur’s help I could get to a point which help me ease all confusion which in turn resulted in making correct decision. I am glad to be connected with person like her. 
Leena Khurrana
 Nupur is a God sent angel in our lives she shows us the path and if she hadn’t been there I don’t think we would even be here to write this. She gives us the strength this not the end there is something more to come.Her healing is perfect her astrology is practical and tarot is absolute guidance All the best Nupur my Angel 
Disha Sharma
 I was in a bad phase in all aspects, disappointed and dejected in every way with seemingly no visible hopes. 27 th July 2016 was the day I felt a sigh of relief and a glimpse of was the day I met Nupur Sriram (I still remember vividly how accidentally, magically I got her contact a day before). I guess on seeing me she also understood my internal turbulence and dejectedness. She predicted on my job, my love life, financial status and health issues (I had been suffering from kidney disease). And guess what! In the next 20 days I got a job offer with fantastic package, got married by the next 7 months and today I my surgery is done and just back from the hospital with fine reports. The love of my life is my ultimate soulmate. All the predictions made by her have been accurate in all senses. She has been a mentor, friend,ray of positive light in my life which the universe has sent for me, I firmly believe. I would thank her tons for being by my side at all times ever since I met her, guiding me throughout. Thank you Nupur, Thank you.. I love you so much...😘 
Veenna Kannan
 Nupur Shriram is an EXCELLENT Tarot Card reader with a good experience for years together. She is also a Reiki specialist Tarot Card reader. People may connect with her and know about their future and follow the remedies she gives. She is a hardworking child. All her predictions were right for me. She is also an excellent advisor and counselor. Her predictions have given a very clear picture to me with respect to my earnings my income. I am immensely happy with her predictions and crystal healing. 
Anita & Nikita Ahuja
 We as a family have been blessed to have met Nupur. She has been guiding and supporting us since 4 years now. She’s been there to guide us during our toughest times. Her readings are precise and very very helpful. She has always been there at one call/msg. Since the day we met her, she felt like family and someone who is God sent. Most importantly she has a heart of gold to go out of her way to help and guide people. Here’s wishing you all the luck in life Nupur. 
 She is my guide for everything important that I embark on. Right from purchase of a car, to all important naming of my son , to choosing the date for a surgery and choice of a career there is nothing that I don't consult her with ! It is soothing to hear her give honest yet palatable advice grounded in reality to some peculiar problems ! My best wishes to everthing that she does ! 
Madhulika Singh
 Healer, counsellor,mother ,best friend,Nupur aunty is a SUPERWOMAN who excels in each every part of her life . She has always been w me through thick n thin n continues to support me. She is the best soul existing on this planet. She is the one who has helped me the best ver of myself even if I was at the rock bottom. She scolds me like a mother, supports me like a bff,loves me like a sister and heals me like a magician. She is truly amazing 
Pooja Chandra
 Here it goes-There are mystical ways help can reach you at times of confusion and distress. It has the potential of absolutely steering you clear and get you absolved of all the potential problems. My experience with Nupur has been in the similar capacity. She has a unique gift of reading your obstacles and interpreting their outcomes. Her guidance has always been helpful across the multiple times that I have consulted with her. Whether its tarot card reading or any astrological consultation, she imparts a substantial clarity. I wish her all the success and hope her talent reaches across to a much larger audience. 
Suniti Manjrekar
 It has been amazing learning tarrot and lenorma from Nupoor. Though she calls me aunty (you can guess why😄) I considered her to be my teacher in all Earnestness She has content mastery besides being a comitted and patient teacher as well as a Reader.Am sure she is going to have a bright future. 
Neeru Gupta
 I remember you had once done a 5 year reading of his and told me that he’s going to shine like a star in his tenth and twelfth.. so like always ur reading was bang on 
Rachna Puri
 Nupur is a great tarot card reader and brings a lot of positive energy ,whenever I am down or feeling negative I talk to her and she makes me positive again.she is also very kind, caring and understanding.  
Sneha Desai
 First of all she is very nice person, when I met her 1st time I left the place with loads of positivity, she guided me very well , and she always tell you the things to the points , for me it was really good decision to meet her and to take advice from her! Thank you so much for your guidance, it's definitely suggested to meet her if you are finding any obstacles in your life! 
Gitanjali Singh
 Nupur is an embodiment of compassion and love.  In my first meeting with her,  I could feel she is my magical angel sent by universe to uplift me and my family from our struggling phase. Her immense patience, incredible knowledge amazing power all combined had resulted in a drastic shift in our lives. Thank you universe for bringing this magical lady amongst us to help us. God bless. 
 Nupur, you have a very warm and loving aura.. you don't know what have you done for me by bringing in so much clarity in my life. I was introduced to you at a point in time where I felt the weakest ever, you empowered me with healing and clarity. I cannot forget those guided meditation sessions with you, haven't felt so peaceful ever in my life. Needless to say, I have got a good friend for life.. Love and Light. 
 Hey Nupur.. I really wanna thank u for healing me n helping me out..half of my problems vanishes after talking to u..thanks for helping me evade negativity from my thoughts.. ya r a wonderful person n a d'ling friend...and ya r doing a gr8 job by healing n helping people... may God bless..