Master in Lenormand Card

Have You Heard of the Lenormand?

The Le-Nor-Mand is a French name. It’s been in Europe for well over 200 years, but it’s only in the last few years that its teachers have started translating the technique into English and introducing it.

It’s like the Tarot, but NOT the Tarot

This is a 36 card deck known for the basic (and easy to learn) associations that go with each card.These simple meanings make the system incredibly easy to learn. After only a few classes (and a bunch of practice readings) you’ll feel confident pulling your cards out and offering readings to anyone. The Lenormand is an immensely practical deck. When laid out in its classic spread, the Grand Tableau, the Lenormand is like a snapshot of someone’s life right now. You can see everything that’s going on, what happened to bring them there and where they are going next.

As a beginner, you can pick this deck up and get going right away, but with practice you can move even deeper into the cards and their combinations to create rich and varied readings that hit the mark every time. When I read with the Lenormand the readings are scarily specific and yet, uncannily accurate pretty much every time.

There is no better technique for learning to use and trust your own intuition than studying a divination tool. In fact, that’s the number one advice I give to people looking to better utilize their intuition in their own lives and the Lenormand is the most beginner friendly system I’ve ever come across.

Whether you are looking for a tool that will help you see your own situation more clearly and make better decisions for yourself and your business, whether you’ve always wanted to learn a divination system or whether you want to start offering readings on a more professional level to the this Master theLenormandCard class is just what you are looking for.

Here’s exactly what we’ll be covering

Explore some of the reading techniques that are unique to the Petit Lenormandand learn to do a basic 3 card reading (spread type #1).

We'll expand on the simple line readings you've already been using (spread type #2) and then we'll take those techniques even deeper and learn to take a snapshot of a situation using a 9 card spread (spread type #3).

Learn to read the classic Grand Tableau (spread type #4) and get the full picture of what's going on in someone's life right now.

Then you’ll be off and running!Ready to dip your feet into the world of divination and intuition Let me teach you how to use this easy to use tool that blends seamlessly with other tools .I use it with the Tarot all the time and gives powerful results!