Master in Tarot Card

I’m not psychic, can I still learn tarot?

Of course! You don’t need any special abilities to learn the tarot – only willingness to tap into your own intuition. Every one of us has the ability to learn tarot within us. I love to teach Tarot so if you have are a Tarot enthusiast you are at the right place. My Tarot Card Reading course is designed in a very easy to understand and simple way. It covers the entire 78 cards with their reversal meanings. Each lesson is sequential and I take it at a pace which can be understood by all.

What should you expect in this course?

  • Learn to tap into your intuition and get crystal clear answer.
  • Learn in-depth straight and reversal meanings for 78 cards
  • Learn to different techniques to clear negative energies.
  • Practice reading from day 1 to build your confidence.
  • Learn how to make your own spreads./li>
  • Understand the sun signs related to the cards and numerology aspect in the cards.
  • Get a certificate and begin your journey as a professional tarot card reader.
  • I handhold all my students till they are confident.
  • I have made a ready reckoner of the card meanings which you can use for quick refrence.

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