Buy A Reading

Buy A Reading
In person readings or phone readings

15 Minutes: Rs. 1900
30 Minutes: Rs. 3700
45 Minutes: Rs. 4600 / 73 $ (very popular with first time readers)
Get auspicious Personal name calculation as per Numerology : Rs. 1900
Get your Business name and logo design as per Numerology : Rs. 1900



Bank Details
Nupur Shriiram
Axis Bank, Fort, Mumbai

Account Number: 918010024390050
IFSC Code: UTIB0000004

What you can expect in a Reading with Me

As a general policy, I avoid engaging in fortune telling. I do not use tarot to see what we should not see. Rather, I use tarot to help us see what we should see clearer. You may think you know your personal story, but oftentimes we are too close and too biased. A reading with me tells your story back to you so that you might look at that story from a different point of view. I use divination the way one might use a lamp– holding it up by your side so that it might illuminate your path.

An Integrated Approach

When you book a tarot reading with me, I will cover numerology and astrology. You may wonder why I collect birth details from you for a tarot reading. It’s to construct your natal chart and maybe even a transits chart, which we’ll talk about during your session and how it relates to what the cards are revealing. Where there are weak points or issues of lack in your life, we will talk about remedies to counteract those weak or negative points. You can expect that a booked session with me is going to be integrative. Booking a tarot reading means the primary focus will be the tarot, but we will bring in cross-references to numerology and astrology.


My regular clientele includes public figures and those in positions that would demand my utmost discretion. I approach measures of confidentiality and security for my divination session clients. I won’t even disclose that you were ever a client of mine unless I have your consent and permission. I certainly won’t disclose to anyone the contents or what was discussed during your reading session.