My Story

Tarot came to me at a point in my life when I suddenly lost my mother. It was difficult for me to cope up with the loss. One day I went to see a psychic who was also a medium and she handed me these cards to learn. There started my journey in to the mystic world of Tarot. I later chose to change my profession from being a successful investment banker to a Tarot Card Reader. Tarot took me closer to other divinatory practices like Lenormand Cards, Runes, Tasseography, Angel Cards and Channelling. I have also over the years mastered healing modalities like Theta, Reiki, Bach flower remedies etc. I have been reading cards for 6 years now and can happily say that I am doing very good work. My clients have always been the most important part of my journey. Some of them have now become extended family and close friends.

My Side Loves

I love to dance and training to be a Kathak (Indian Classical Dance Form) dancer. I also do dance for fitness. I make sure to remove some time and do gardening work in my small balcony. I have observed that working with plants bring calmness in me. It feels that they talk to me.

My Promise

I firmly believe that future is not etched in a stone. It`s very fluidic and always changes with the decisions we make. I have discovered that when you really know what you want, the universe throws you a celestial high-five, and confirms your choices with positive reinforcement. Again. And again. I know that you’ve suffered (me too) and that sometimes, the future you want to create feels impossibly distant & vague.

I’ve got the skills to serve as a guiding light for you and your wisdom. I will help you to move ahead with your intuitive choices with courage & confidence.

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