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Tarot reading is a fairly new field of spiritual work and is still growing in India. People are not very aware about how it works and what to expect in a tarot reading session.

Tarot Reading is very powerful and a highly intuitive work. But it’s not what we see in movies. Don’t think of walking into a dark place and expect a woman sitting in a gown looking all mysterious. Tarot reading is a very professional work and tarot readers are normal people. Read through the post and you will know what to expect in a Tarot Reading Session.


  1. Expect your Tarot Reader to be kind, friendly and approachable. Your reader should be friendly enough to create an interactive environment for you. Intuition is very critical for any reader but that should not scare you. If your vibes do not match then look for another reader. The environment is not as you see in movies.
  2. Expect personal questions during session. It` s part of research to dig deep into your question. These questions can bring the skeleton out of the closet but in no way your tarot reader should judge you. It` s their sincere desire to assist you and keep your secret safe with them always.
  3. Being your first time you may be having mixed feelings but don `t shy away from seeking clarification from Tarot reader. Ask clear and direct questions. Don `t sit and judge your Tarot Reader ` s capabilities. Leave all your high hopes and stereotypes at the door. Readers are different and so are the experiences.
  4. Do not let whatever you hear from your Tarot reader linger in your head unless it is something positive. You are what you think, so either choose to walk out empowered or disappointed. Pocket all the positive conversations and thrash out all negative. Some reader may allow you to record the conversation.
  5. Life is full of uncertainties and we all have different ways of handling it. Consider Tarot reading as a tool for guidance. It will prepare you for the road ahead and help you make an informed decision. Most Tarot readers are like kind of old friend and they will help you create your future.
  6. Don’t expect 100% accuracy. No one has the ability to see your entire future. One can always shift gears and change the course of future. Take responsibility of all what is going in your life and don’t blame others for your problems. An ethical reader will never bug you to get a reading. Next time you walk into a tarot reading session leave al your stereotype expectations behind. Walk in with an open mind and heart.


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