10 points to remember when you read Tarot at Events and Parties
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10 points to remember when you read Tarot at Events and Parties

As a new tarot card reader you will have lot of opportunities to read in events. It can be parties, tarot events, corporate shows or house parties. It is your choice whether you want to do events or not. There is no right or wrong view about this. When I started doing Tarot professionally I also did a few events and learnt a lot. Here I will share my experiences and a few dos and don’ts which will help you set your expectations right.

1. As a tarot reader remember how you present yourself to the people because it can make a lasting impression on their minds. These people can be your potential clients. Although the chance of conversion at events are very poor still consider these events as a great learning platform.
2. Do real readings. Don’t get tempted to do readings for fun. Remember you are sitting on a chair which holds a lot of responsibility. Your attitude will reflect a lot about Tarot Readers community.
3. Reading at events can introduce you to new people. It can help you network with a lot of people which can be a very good opportunity. Be friendly and smiley.
4. Usually reading at events may not give a lot of money. Sometimes it can be a free event. Still approach this as if you are being paid good. Having that kind of an attitude will push you to do well.
5. People are at the party to have fun so you may not have people seeking life changing advice. They may not be very serious about readings. You may encounter rude, drunk, sceptical people. Treat them with respect. You can’t really choose your clients so be assertive in setting boundaries.
6. Keep your spreads light and short. Use a mix of Oracle cards for a quick insight.
7. Keep your integrity and work within your comfort zone.
8. Before you start reading create a scared space and a quiet place of work.
9. Use simple spreads with oracle cards.
10. Treat yourself with love and respect. Remember you have been invited in the event because of your skills and abilities.

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