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What is the difference between Tarot Cards and Oracle Cards?

It’s a very common question that people ask me. So, let me try and bring some clarity here. Tarot card readers and Oracle Card readers often use both these cards in their readings. However, in my opinion they are still not alternatives to each other. Both these cards have their own individuality and distinct style. The difference between oracle and tarot cards may seem subtle, but it could make a big impact.
Tarot cards are traditionally a set of 78 cards where as oracle cards can be a set of any number of cards depending on the creator of the deck. Universally accepted Tarot cards are the Rider Waite Smith cards. There are a few popular tarot decks as well which are derived from RWS. Tarot cards have structured meanings and astrological significance. Whereas an Oracle deck will have channelled messages or messages as per the theme of the deck. Hence Oracle card deck is completely the baby of the creator of the deck. It always is set around a theme. Like healing, archangels, fairies, animal spirit guides etc.
Tarot cards will give detailed interpretation about a situation whereas Oracle cards gives broader insight. Studying and understanding Tarot can take a lot of time but Oracle cards are easy to read because of the written messages on the cards and the guidebook. So I consider Oracle cards can be very good starting point in the field of Divination. Oracle cards are free flowing cards and have no rules around them but Tarot cards have a few set rules for reading. Like the hierarchy from Major to the court cards. A few cards will ways have a definite meaning always.
Although anyone can make their own oracle deck, it does take a lot of time and dedication to put it all together. Unlike the tarot deck, you need to create your very own cards and meanings. So if you never really felt tarot cards, there’s a whole oracle world out there waiting for you to explore.

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