How accurate is Tarot Card Reading???
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How accurate is Tarot Card Reading???

I am sure everyone has this question in their mind including me when I went for a tarot card reading. Today I would like to clarify this so that when you go to a Tarot Card Reader you know what to expect.

To get an accurate answer you have to ask an accurate question. I have observed that many people ask questions based on what they wish should be happening rather than what is actually happening. And when the cards are laid they show a snapshot of energies, influences, emotions, circumstances and events as they are at a particular moment. Mind it those influences are never set in stone. We can make new decisions and change our minds. So what was accurate a few weeks ago won’t be accurate today.
The clients overlook what the cards are saying in the present. Only if you make the required changes in the present your desired future can be carved out. One more observation I have seen is no matter how important a particular question can be, cards will only reveal what is needed to be seen and not what you want to know. However I may try to read it in different ways they would just not connect and make sense. So as a client be open minded to receive guidance, because the cards will always GUIDE YOU ACCURATELY!!!

As Tarot Card readers it is our RESPONSIBILITY to be truthful about our services and only market what we can confidently do. I firmly believe that it is an equal responsibility that a card reader should take so that the client gets an accurate answer.

A few tips on how to ask or phrase questions for reading:

  1. Limit your Yes/No questions. These questions can be asked towards the end when you have narrowed down on options.
  2. Tarot is very motivating so try and ask questions like “What I should know about this situation in my life”, “Where am I heading”, “What should I do to be more successful” etc.
  3. If you have a timing question, then ask “What can I do to get this job in …. months?” instead of “Will I get the job? When?”

I hope it brings some clarity in the minds of clients and potential Tarot Card Readers.

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