How to Connect with your Cards
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How to Connect with your Cards

There is no prescribed way to connect with your tarot cards. However, getting acquainted with your 78 arcanic mysteries is very important for you to have a good reading. I have mentioned the ways to connect with your cards as per my experiences and understanding.

  1. Start by expressing your Gratitude to them. Thank them for entering your life and ask them to be with you in your journey. After every reading Thank them and then close your reading. This should a ritual.
  2. Just imagine how much the Tarot deck is tired of hearing you ask the same questions again and again. I know for a fact that if my deck were a person, it would be exhausted with most of my questions by now. So try this now, hold it in your hands, get a sense of its unique energy and vibe, and tell it silently how much you like it, how pretty it is, how much fun you have with it.
  3. Wrap your deck in silk before keeping it away. Store it away from dust. Use simple smudging with incense, camphor or sage to remove any negative energy around it.
  4. Seek permission of the deck before you allow anyone else to use it for reading. I never share my deck with anyone for a reading. It’s absolutely tuned to me and my way of reading.
  5. Spend quality time with your deck. Try sleeping with it near your bed or under your pillow. You can also meditate holding it in your hand.
  6. Last but not the least practice with them regularly and take time contemplating each card. Maintain a tarot journal. It’s a very unique and creative way to get more understanding of the deck.

Remember one thing that the tarot deck is nothing but 78 cards made of paper. It completely depends on the owner to derive the best from them by connecting mutually. I am sure this will help all you Tarot Lovers to read and understand them in a new way!!!

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